Shipping fees

All shipping fees are generically automated, and might therefore not be ideal for your situation or order. If you believe the shipping fee displayed for your order is relatively steep for the size of your package, or you know a better alternative, feel free to contact me via

If your country is not listed in the list below, it will fall under the shipping fee category “rest of the world”. Please note: when you select an option without track & trace, and/or with no insurance, the shipment will be on your own risk.

Neighbouring countries

Belgium: pick up (Mondial Relay)€ 3.75
Belgium: home delivery€ 5.35
The Netherlands: pick up (DPD)    € 6.30
The Netherlands: home delivery                                     € 8.00

France: pick up (Mondial Relay)€ 5.10
France: home delivery      € 10.70
Germany: pick up (DPD)€ 6.20
Germany: home delivery€ 8.10
Luxembourg: pick up (Mondial Relay)€ 3.75
Luxembourg: home delivery                            € 8.90
United Kingdom: UPS home delivery€ 12.50
United Kingdom (DHL, Pick Up Point)                         € 24.50

Other countries, in alphabetic order

Austria: pick up (DPD)      € 10.40
Austria: home delivery€ 14.60
Bulgaria: home delivery (no insurance)€ 22.75
Bulgaria: home delivery (with insurance)€ 25.95
Croatia: home delivery€ 24.95
Czech Republic: home delivery€ 18.70
Canada (without track & trace!)€ 28.75
Denmark: pick up (DPD)€ 13.05
Denmark: home delivery (with insurance)€ 15.60
Denmark: home delivery (no insurance)€ 10.70
Estonia: home delivery€ 18.70
Finland: pick up + insurance (DPD)€ 21.75
Finland: home delivery (with insurance)€ 23.95
Finland: home delivery (no insurance)        € 18.05
Greece: home delivery (with insurance)€ 27.95
Greece: home delivery (no insurance)€ 18.05
Hungary: home delivery (with insurance)€ 18.70
Hungary: home delivery (no insurance)€ 14.65
Iceland: home delivery€ 37.15
Ireland: home delivery€ 16.65
Italy: pick up (Mondial Relay)                           € 12.50
Italy: home delivery                                               € 16.60
Latvia: home delivery                                            € 18.70
Lithuania: home delivery                                    € 18.70
Norway: home delivery                     € 33.45
Poland: home delivery (with insurance)                       € 18.70
Poland: home delivery (no insurance)         € 14.65
Portugal: pick up (Mondial Relay)€ 12.50
Portugal: home delivery (no insurance)€ 16.45
Portugal: home delivery (with insurance)                   € 23.95
Romania: home delivery (with insurance)€ 31.00
Romania: home delivery (no insurance)€ 22.75
Slovenia: home delivery (with insurance)€ 18.70
Slovenia: home delivery (no insurance)      € 14.65
Slovakia: home delivery (with insurance)   € 18.70
Slovakia: home delivery (no insurance)€ 14.65
Spain: pick up (Mondial Relay)€ 8.40
Spain: home delivery         € 16.45
Turkey: home delivery€ 25.35
Sweden: home delivery€ 18.70
Switzerland: home delivery             € 31.60
USA (with track and trace)€ 35.00
USA (no track and trace)€ 23.50

Rest of the world (no track and trace)                         € 40.00